Digital Ecology Institute

We develop solutions which effectively minimize the environmental footprint of digital products and services.

In case you are wondering

What is digital ecology?

Areas of expertise

  • Circular IT
  • Climate sensitive interfaces
  • Energy-efficient coding
  • Data visualization
  • Science communication
  • Cleantech commercialization
  • Ethical Artificial Inteligence
  • Regenerative business strategies
  • Healthy habits shaping

How we can help you

  • Lectures

    Promoting regenerative
    digital culture
  • Audits

    Digital waste measurements,
    analysis and monitoring
  • Workshops

    Digital well-being, digital cleaning-up,
    electronics’ life cycle extending
  • Consulting

    Ethical design in information
    and communication systems
  • Deployment

    Climate sensitive digital
    products and services
  • Foresight

    Strategies for digital. Analysis of risks,
    capabilities and advantages

Recent clients and partners

  • Biennale Warszawa
  • Institute auf dem Rosenberg
  • Lufthansa
  • Orange
  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park
  • Project Managament Institute
  • Qair Energy
  • The University of Western Australia


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Our approach

Digital quality

No tracking scripts. Clean coding decreasing power usage.
Limited number of requests to the server. Low emission hosting. System fonts.
Adaptation for older devices' use. Your time meter.

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